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Even as fine wine experts we still believe that we will never stop learning about wine. With an abundance of resources available to enable us all to learn about wine we are able to continue to exploring wines from new regions and countries, as well as, discovering innovative winemaking techniques and producers. So, whether you’re a knowledgeable collector, wine enthusiast or novice, our articles and guides from our in-house experts and contributors aims to educate you on all things vinous.

We hope you can find everything you’re looking for, however, if there is a particular topic or area you would like us to cover, or if you would like to contribute to our Wine Resources hub please get in touch by emailing info@jftwines.com.

By Kaylyn Chandran • 6 min read

Who are the Most Famous Wine Critics & Personalities?

Within the illustrious and oftentimes confusing world of wine, famous wine critics have provided a trusted service to consumers in order to keep them better informed about the wines that they love. Passing on their knowledge, expertise, wine ratings and wine reviews each one helps to make wine more accessible and understandable with many gaining […]

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By Kaylyn Chandran • 5 min read

Wine Headaches: Investigating The Culprits Of The Dreaded Wine Hangover

We’ve all been there: it’s Friday night and time to wind-down after a long, steaming week of work (we assume). In comes a bottle of our favourite wine but with it a heavy price: the dreaded wine hangover – so common in fact that it has been coined its own acronym, the RWH (Red Wine […]

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By Kaylyn Chandran • 2 min read

Esters in Wine: The Science behind Wine Aromas

I used to play this game with my aunt whenever we enjoyed wine with dinner: without looking at the wines back label, we’d try to pick out the notes and aromas of the wine (all the while looking and feeling as pretentious as ever, of course), and compare it to the notes the label depicted. […]

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By Kaylyn Chandran • 9 min read

What Happened To My Wine? Demystifying The Science Of Ageing Wine

Do old wines taste better than young wines? Why does a wine taste the way it does when you open it now but develops a whole new identity if it’s aged years later? And will a wine get better with age? It has been widely understood that ageing certain wines could enhance the tastes and […]

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Fine Wine Market Report: February 2020 Market Decode

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